Holland 1945

Dad and his buddies got a 3 day pass to Valkenberg,  Holland in July 1945. In Valkenburg they toured the ruins of an ancient castle once owned by Count Valkenburg. There pass was extended when the truck the men rode in broke down, and they had to stay in a transient camp in Kerchrade, Holland.  In Kerchrade they slept in a Catholic monastery and rode in trolleys to towns nearby.


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There hotel in Valkenburg, Hotel Vassen.

L-Ruff  R-Hulse


Castle Ruins in Valkenburg

More Ruins


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Swimming pool in Valkenburg

Swimming pool in Valkenburg

Swimming pool in Valkenburg


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Dad enjoying a swim in Valkenburg 

L- Proctor R-Balmer

L-Lynn Juckett

 M-Ed Sassnet  


Herleen, Holland


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Red Cross in  Herleen, Holland Monastery in Kerkrade Holland 



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Kerkrade Holland

Ed Sassnet