Dad and his buddies

Below are pictures of Dad and his friends he served with in the 78th Infantry Division Headquarters. 


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L-Dowell Sugge

M-George Mcklosey

R-? Gaskins

L-Frances Farrell

R-Edwin Edlemann


Temple Snyder


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Lynn Juckett

Jack DaBois

Moonbeam Miller


R-Bennie Sacco



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L-George Roper

M-Benny Sacco

R-August Livert

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Dad and John W. Horne


L-Ed Sasnett




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Top Row

L-George Roper

M-August Livert

R-Doyle Compton


Bottom Row

L-Lynn Juckett

M-John Rothermel

R-L.T Boykin

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