CPL Robert Mason  36421613

838th Bomber Squad, A.P.O. 539

C.O. Postmaster New York, NY 


Cpl Lynn K. Juckett

Div HQ. Co. A    A.P.O. 78

Camp Pickett. VA   

Hello Chum, 

Well I guess its time I took up my pen again.   I just received a letter from you mailed May 7, it only took a little over two months to get here.     


I just finished writing to Floyd and I must say you two should get together on who gets the most furloughs.  Get all of them you can because when you leave that will be all.


Things here are kind of dull at times but other times there is plenty of excitement.


I have been flying around a little now and then and the county sure looks nice from the air.


I suppose you have been hearing about the buzz bombs, well I havenít met up with any as yet, but they do buzz around.


I suppose you had a big time in Washington DC. Did you get to see the Gal friend?


I havenít seen Dick yet; I donít think I will ever get the chance.


The only one I have seen is Luis Maddaline and heís not far from me.

Write soon your pal,  Bob. 




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