Officer's and enlisted men of the Adjutant General Section 

 78th Infantry Division. Hotgeismar, Germany July 1945


Officers Seated.  L to R

WOJG Pouchnic, 1st LT Donna, LT. COL Martineau, MAJ. Doane, WOJG Hartel

Enlisted Men Standing L to R

1st row

TEC 5 Adams, TEC 4 Farrell, TEC 4 Dubois, M/SGT Carr, T/SGT Holt, TEC 3 Levert, TEC 3 Brock, T/SGT Bangs,

2nd row

TEC 5 Guzdus,  T/SGT Horne, TEC 4 Harn, TEC 4 McGovern, TEC 4 Davies, T/SGT Conway, TEC 4 Evans,

3rd row

TEC 3 Roper, TEC 3  Plymyer, TEC 4 Callwell, TEC 3 Rothermell, TEC 5 Juckett, TEC 3 Edlemann, TEC 4 Allan